Concert Pianist, Suzanne Bradbury

Suzanne Bradbury is an acclaimed classical concert pianist with extensive experience in a wide range of genres. Equally at home performing as a solo pianist and as part of a chamber ensemble, she has more recently been in demand as a sought-after vocal accompanist.

Whilst works from the standard repertoire have always played a large part in Suzanne's career - she has performed in numerous concerts across Europe—she is also the pianist of choice for a number of contemporary composers seeking an intelligent and sensitive interpretation of new work.

As well as solo piano performances, she has performed with the Wind Quintet of the Berlin Philharmonic, the Camerata Warsaw Quartet, the Silvestri Quartet and the Bratislava Radio Orchestra amongst others.

Suzanne Bradbury is an American citizen based in Mallorca, Spain, and travels widely throughout Europe to give concerts.

Please click here to listen to a selection of her recordings.

You can contact Suzanne at music @

Pianistisch eminent begabt.
An extremely gifted pianist.
Joachim Kaiser,
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Muenchen

"She is excellent."
Martin Lovett, Amadeus Quartet.

"Suzanne Bradbury eroberte sich die Herzen in Sturm. Vereinzelte Bravorufe deuteten nur an, was dieser Künstlerin an spontaner Sympathie entgegen strömte."
Suzanne Bradbury conquered the hearts of her audience. The cries of bravo in the applause hinted at the spontaneous appreciation she had won from all her listeners.
Werner Zintgraf

"Ein Musikbegreifen, wie man es nich häufig erlebt."
A musical understanding that is rarely experienced.
Die Welt, Hamburg

"Suzanne Bradbury profilierte sich als sehr markante und sehr sensible Klavierspielerin."
Suzanne Bradbury has distinguished herself as a remarkable and very sensitive pianist.
Frankfurter Rundschau